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One day I was praying and said "in Jesus name dot com" and I thought to myself "Lord, do you want me to start a website?" So I gathered some information and looked up domain names. As time passed I thought maybe I didn't hear correctly. I kept praying and the name was revealed...!

I longed for a way to share Jesus. Who He is, what He means to me, what He has done for me, what He can do for others. To tell the world He is real. That He does love you, yes you! He loves you right now just the way you are. He loves you even more to not leave you that way. But its His power that makes the changes from the inside out. The first step is to invite Him into your heart, your life, your mess. He may not change your situation...but He will gently, lovingly change you. (and me!)

I wanted a safe place where people could gather and share their struggles. This is definitely the place to come if you have a loved one incarcerated. I will never forget the day my daughter was arrested. Then convicted. Then sentenced.

Sometimes it feels like a never ending horror movie. Sometimes it feels like a tender sweet love story. No matter what it feels like, I can trust that Jesus is her lawyer and her judge. No matter what the world has sentenced her to, she will spend eternity with Jesus.

So when it comes to struggles (I have had more then a few) I have experienced when going through hard times often I would feel as if I was the only one who ever had to deal with this type of situation. I know that is not the case, but it sure does feel that way. I often times felt alone and that no one could understand. I also found that when I shared my struggles it helped me to see that I was not alone and also I could be an encouragement to others.

So it is my desire that you will find hope in the darkest of whatever situations you are facing.

On my home page there is a place for you to request prayer. I would be truly honored to come along side you and lift you up to Jesus, our only Hope.

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